LED Area Lighting

What is Area Lighting?

Outdoor LED Area lighting is everywhere. Area lighting is a type of lighting used to illuminate specific or large spaces. A good example of area lights is parking lot lights. Area lighting should always be chosen carefully according to your needs. They come in different sizes, designs, and types. When you need area lighting, it is advisable to ask an electrician for their opinion on what might be best for you.

The Area Lights You Need

LITELUME offers a wide variety of area lighting options, including Large Area Lights, Medium-sized Area Lights, and even Small LED Area Light Fixtures. But the options don’t stop there: we also offer a wide variety of medium and high-powered LED area lights. Without question, we will have what you need.

From outdoor LED bollards on the parameter of outdoor parking lots, to round high bay UFO light fixtures for warehouse lighting, LITELIME has the products you need.

Top-Rated, American-based Area Lighting Manufacturer

As one of the best lighting manufacturers in the United States, LITELUME produces a wide variety of indoor and outdoor light fixtures to accommodate all of your customers’ commercial and residential electrical and lighting project needs. All of our lights come with financing options available. For electricians, contractors and lighting distributors, we provide labor warranties and can help with creating a proposal. Click here for more information about LITELUME.

Financing Options and Warranties Available

LITELUME stands behind the quality of its lighting products by offering a 10-year Limited Warranty for all of our light fixtures, mounts, sensors, and more. We also offer a return policy just in case. We provide a number of Financing Options that are also available. Fill out a submit one of our Credit Applications today!

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