LED Bulkhead

What are LED Bulkhead Lights?

LED bulkhead lights are named after the bulkhead fitting – a type of fitting that connects the light casing to a wall or surface. This tough, effective lighting option can withstand difficult weather conditions and busy spaces, making them perfect for outdoor and indoor lighting alike.

They might not be known for their exquisite designs or eye-catching glamour, but LED bulkhead lights are truly functional and effective.

An LED bulkhead light is a great way to take advantage of all the benefits of LED lighting and save on energy costs.

History of Bulkhead Fixtures

The history of the bulkhead light is an interesting one. They were first made in the beginning of the 20th-century, sometime after the boom of the industrial revolution. They provided good waterproof lighting to the partitions that divided the hull of a ship in relatively dark conditions. Since their effectiveness in boats, the bulkhead light went from workplace to workplace as an efficient lighting solution, featuring in industrial warehouses up and down the country.

Fast-forward to today and the bulkhead light is still utilized within these settings but has additionally cemented its place within the home as a fashionable lighting fixture that adds an element of quirkiness to any home.

Its heritage in both maritime and industrial industries makes the bulkhead light fixture possess a versatile range of uses, as well as own an unquestionable charm for all types of projects. Perhaps this rags to riches story behind the industrial theme is what makes it such a popular choice in the 21st –century.

Who should consider buying LED bulkhead lights?

Anybody looking to kit out a new office premises or refurbish their workplace should consider going down the LED route, as the savings on energy bills are well worth it.

Businesses owners seeking to join the LED revolution should also consider LED bulkhead lights for their offices, as safety procedures can be enhanced with clear, concise lighting, and the lights available can also be used for different requirements.

Homeowners looking to bring some light to their gardens, garages or driveways should also consider LED bulkhead lights. These are a low-cost way to reinvent these spaces with crisp, effective lighting options.

Additionally, LITELUME’s range of LED bulkhead lights can also be bought in bulk. So if you are a retailer such as an outdoor store, garden centre or even an office supplies store and you are seeking to stock up on LED lighting for your customers, our range is the perfect place to start.

Bulkhead Light Outdoor Wall Lights

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