LED Flood Light

What is a Flood Light?

A flood light, or more specifically an LED flood light, is a big, bright white light that gives off a very wide swath of light. These types of lights can often be found in front or backyards of homes, commercial properties, parking lots, playgrounds and parks, and stadiums.

LED flood lights are lights that are highly powered and can be used to light large areas. There are many types of flood lights that LITELUME manufactures, and they are used with many different purposes. The common functionality of a flood light is a wide angle of light for covering large areas. These energy-saving flood light fixtures come in different shapes and sizes, which may be suited to different needs and requirements of the customers.

From the lighting of large outdoor stadiums and parks to lighting up your own lawn, flood lights are very helpful. They are mainly used for outdoors, but you may see them being used indoors as well, for example to light up a garage or warehouse. They are often used for security and at other times for illuminating advertisements such as billboards. Solar LED flood lights may be used in homes and parks to take out the need for direct power.

LITELUME’s reliable LED flood lights are especially valuable in 24/7 operations, like warehouses. If an outdoor fixture fails and your client needs to take time to relamp, everything must come to a complete stop. That’s valuable time and money lost. With third-party certified fixtures, however, you’ll never have to worry about relamping again. Not for 100,000 hours, minimum, anyway. Also, since outdoor LED flood lights can brighten up loading docks and parking lots with their crisp and clear light, they increase safety for both employees and visitors. Plus, with so many shipments coming in and going out, brighter light also helps security monitor traffic and read license plates or other types of ID. This keeps everyone all-around safer and more efficient.

What are Flood Lights Used for?

Retail Stores

Retail establishments can also benefit from quality tested flood lights. After all, the difference between a well-lit parking lot/walkway and a dark and murky one can mean serious business. Literally. If a customer feels uneasy even before entering your client’s store, chances are they’ll go somewhere where they don’t. Beat them to the punch by illuminating a retail establishment in bright LED light, creating a welcome and open atmosphere. The stores may require brighter lights as the area is larger and they want customers to be able to see products easily. 70-80 foot candles are recommended for such a huge place.

Residential Flood Lights

In residential circumstances, if your client’s looking to cast some light on his or her trees and flowers, flood lights were made for the job. They have a high CRI, or color rendering index, meaning they bring out the true colors of whatever’s underneath them, making everything look its best. It’s like giving a home an instant lighting upgrade, without the costly remodeling fees. Plus, the flood fixtures on our website are wet location-suitable, meaning they can endure both rain and sprinkler systems and come out just fine. LITELUME’s flood luminaires are available in both 4000K and 5000K, plus a wide array of lumens, depending on your needs.


LED flood lights can also be helpful in the lighting of warehouses. They useful at night, but also in day time as the warehouses often have little light from the outside. Foot candles ranges can vary in warehouses depending on the type of work being done. 30 foot candles for warehouse used more as storage and work requiring little light. A warehouse housing mechanical work and detail work may be upwards of 100 foot candles.

Storage Facilities

Storage places that are covered or are indoors can be lighted with LED flood lights. 30 foot candles are recommended for storage places.

Office Builddings

In office buildings, employees work late. And even in the winter months, it’s dark by the time the work day ends. Using LED flood lights to brighten up parking areas, both staff and employees will never have to feel concerned when they walk to their cars. Let’s not forget about the college kids. Late-night classes and study sessions are commonplace at educational institutions. With brilliant, even outdoor lighting across campus walkways, parking lots, and parking decks, students will no longer have to worry about their safety on their way back to their dorms.

What are the Benefits of LED Flood Lights?

1.) They’re Energy-Efficient & Save Money!

As of 2021, it is common place that LED bulbs and light fixtures are extremely efficient and help save money. LED lights are crazy efficient, getting rid of the hassle of constantly changing out bulbs, which makes maintenance nearly non-existent.

They also use very low amounts of electricity; in fact, some say up to 75% less than conventional bulbs.

2.) Simple & Effective Home & Office Security

Having flood lights is a fantastic way to put an added security measure on your home.

If you have motion-activated flood lights (which are great if you always forget to turn the light on!), any potential intruder would almost certainly be spooked off by your entire front or back yard being covered in bright, transparent light.

3.) Safety & Security

It is so important to have safety in mind whenever talking home electric. LED flood lights are known for their safety! They do not radiate heat in how conventional lighting does, reducing the potential for fires.

These lights do not have a filament that is highly breakable, making them far more durable an option.

4.) Bright Lighting

LED flood lights are known for their bright light reminiscent of natural sunshine. This makes this kind of lighting ideal for those who wish to work, hold events or gatherings, or play sports with the kids.

With LITELUME’s flood lights, it’s truly as though you are turning the sun on and off!

5.) Works in Tough Conditions & Wet Locations

LED flood lighting works in unbearable heat, unfathomable cold, and every weather condition in between. They are superior to traditional lighting and can withstand the dampness of wet locations. This is yet another reason the longevity of these lights is so high.

Spotlights vs. Flood Lights

A Spot Light casts a narrow beam of light, usually no wider than 45 degrees. This beam is more concentrated and easier to point and control.

A Flood Light can have a beam spread of up to 120 degrees. It can illuminate a larger amount of space with the same wattage and lumen output as a spotlight.

Using spotlights and floodlights:

When highlighting specific points like display objects, wall artwork, architectural details, or landscape features, use a spotlight.

When illuminating larger areas like driveways, stages, warehouses, parking lots, or any other area that needs wide, even light coverage, go with a floodlight.


As one of the best LED Flood Light manufacturers in the United States, LITELUME produces a wide variety of indoor and outdoor light fixtures to accommodate all of your customers’ commercial and residential electrical and lighting project needs. All of our lights come with financing options available. For electricians, contractors and lighting distributors, we provide labor warranties and can help with creating a proposal. Click here for more information about LITELUME.

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