LED High Bay

LED High Bay Light Fixtures

What are High Bay Lights?

High Bay lights are lighting fixtures that are used to illuminate large indoor spaces such as factories, warehouses, processing plants, and manufacturing facilities. These are facilities that need heavy-duty lighting projects to provide uniform and well-distributed light in open areas.

Bay lights – high and low bay fixtures – are also mostly employed in buildings that have up to 10 ft. tall ceilings, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find high bay light fixtures in the average American home. Nonetheless, the height of the ceiling will determine the choice between low bay vs. high bay lighting.

Before these lights are installed, great consideration has to be given to the following:

  • The height of the ceiling in the building.
  • The frequency of lights’ use in the facility.
  • The ease at which the current fixture can be retrofit with new bulbs.

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More About High Bay Fixtures

Numerous types of fixtures can be used when setting up high bay lights. These include LED lights, induction lights, metal halide lights, and fluorescent lights. Each of these types of high-bay fixtures has its pros and cons. For instance, LED lights offer extremely long life and energy efficiency but require a bigger initial investment, while traditional incandescent lights are less expensive to purchase initially but don’t last as long and use more energy.

Besides having different costs and efficiencies, there are several types of fixtures available for high-bay lights. Round high bay lights, linear high bays, architectural high-bays, UFO high bay light fixtures and grid-mount high bays all offer different light qualities and coverage styles. The type of light best for you can depend on your personal taste as well as what tasks you’ll be performing under it.

The right high bay lighting choice can increase safety while maximizing energy efficiency and boosting productivity. At LITELUME, we carry a wide range of high-bay lighting solutions available. Finding the right LED high bay light supplier is something we can help with as well!

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