LED Outdoor Retrofit Kits



Custom LED retrofit kits can seamlessly transform existing luminaires into energy-efficient LED models. Each kit is specifically engineered to reduce energy and maintenance costs without compromising the aesthetics.

A perfect upgrade option where energy savings and long life are critical. Available for existing gullwing and flat pan fluorescent fixtures.
The retrofit kit comes with a frosted lens over the led strips creating a diffused uniform lighting, mimicking the look of fluorescent tubes and avoiding glare from LED.

Converting to Outdoor Retrofit Light Fixtures

LITELUME makes conversion to LED lighting easy, quick and cost-effective. Designed for compatibility with all major manufacturers and retrofitters simply remove existing HID and ballast, keeping the wiring and tray in place. LED HID Retrofit Fixture provides uniform illumination with high efficacy, and qualifies for the highest classification of utility rebates. They are ideally suited for interior and exterior spaces. LED HID Retrofit Fixture can save up to 30% on electric bills, are DLC qualified.

LED Retrofit Kits

A viable option for updating your parking lot lighting without breaking the bank, the LED retrofit kits are a more economical way to light your outdoor light fixtures, especially if the fixtures you have are in good shape. A simple process, just gut the old fixture (taking lamp, ballast and reflector out)replace the original socket with the new universal bracket. Bolt the new LED board and driver in place and your finished. Stand back and admire your new lights and smile because you just started saving money on you power bill, its a great day.

Available in wattages from 35 watt to 480 watts (100-1500 watt metal halide), every fixture you own is a candidate for retro fitting. From wall packs,flood lights, high bay,low bay fixtures to outdoor recessed cans can be converted to LED. Saving on overall cost for a new fixture, try our LED retrofit kits. You don’t have to recreate the wheel to get new and economical lighting.


As one of the best lighting manufacturers in the United States, LITELUME produces a wide variety of outdoor and indoor retrofit light kits to accommodate all of your customers’ commercial and residential electrical and lighting project needs. All of our lights come with financing options available. For electricians, contractors and lighting distributors, we provide labor warranties and can help with creating a proposal. Click here for more information about LITELUME.

LITELUME stands behind the quality of its lighting products by offering a 10-year Limited Warranty for all of our light fixtures, mounts, sensors, and more. We also offer a return policy just in case. We provide a number of Financing Options that are also available. Fill out a submit one of our Credit Applications today!

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