LED Roadway & Street

LED Roadway & Street Lights

Roadway & Street lighting is an integral part of road infrastructure and makes a decisive contribution to nighttime traffic safety. An enhanced visual environment enables drivers to detect roadway hazards and traffic conflicts across a distance that allows appropriate action in sufficient time. There is a consensus of statistics indicating that good roadway visibility during the night significantly reduces vehicle collisions and pedestrian fatalities.

As the primary component of public lighting, street and road lighting offers a plethora of benefits not directly related to driving. For instance, illuminating roadways and other outdoor traffic zones can also deter criminal activities by increasing fear of detection and create a perception of security which enhances pedestrian confidence and comfort. Increased road visibility and enhanced public security may draw people into commercial areas and thus promote evening economy. Outdoor street lighting also draws attention to streetscapes and reinforces aesthetic appeal of adjacent architectural elements.

What is a Roadway/Street Light?

LED street lights are semiconductor-based roadway lighting systems designed to provide energy efficient, dependable, and visually comfortable lighting for people to safely use the roadway system during hours of darkness and damp weather. All of LITELUME’s LED street lights are UL Wet Location listed and can withstand 10s of thousands of hours of illumination.

When our lighting experts talk about a street light that harvests a specific type of lighting technology, they’re usually referring to the luminaire that is mounted to a street light pole such as a davit-style, truss-style, or mast-arm pole. A street light generally comprises a housing, a light assembly, an optical system, and an electrical power supply.

Here are the different types of roadway lights and street lights we manufacture:

The housing we manufacture provides support, protection, and heat sinking for internal components. The light assembly can be an LED light module or a conventional light bulb which is most often a high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp, and in some cases can be a fluorescent lamp. The optical system is used to control light distribution. The electrical power supply regulates power supplied to the LEDs or provides the proper starting and operating voltage for the HID lamp. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Despite the similar architecture between different technologies, the design and engineering disciplines of LED street lights are fundamentally different from conventional street lights, which is why LITELUME focuses on manufacturing the some of the best street and roadway lights on the market.


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