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What is an LED Troffer Light Fixture?

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Let’s start with the basics: a troffer is a square or rectangular light fixture that fits into modular, dropped ceiling grid (i.e., 2′ x 2′ or 2′ x 4′). Troffer fixtures have typically been designed to accommodate standard fluorescent lamps (T12, T8, or T5), but are now often designed with integral LEDs. Also referred to as flat panels, LED flat panels, and LED panel lights for LED versions, these are the ubiquitous light fixtures that fit into the metal grids next to the ceiling tiles in offices, retail stores, and almost always inside any given commercial building else across America.

Fun Fact: Acrylic Light panels are much more durable than your traditional light bulb and longer lasting. LED panel lights can last up to 17 years, assuming usage is around 8 hours a day, while an incandescent light bulb or fluorescent light will only last a fraction of that time; ergo, upgrading the LED is probably a good idea for your next project!

To dive in a bit further, troffers are types of light fixtures that are primarily used in commercial buildings. Considered to be a form of task lighting, they are set inside ceilings to provide illumination. Troffer lights are typically laid out in multiples throughout a room to create more even and widespread distribution of light. Commercial lighting, particularly in offices, is meant to provide workers with steady, well-distributed light that will not cause glare that can interfere with computer work.

2×2 LED Troffer Light

LITELUME’s 2×2 LED Troffer is a slim, lightweight unit designed to replace current fluorescent troffer lights in drop in ceiling applications for both new and retrofit construction. The LED 2×2 Troffer offers superior light output and improved visual appearance and is ideal for office lighting, school lighting, retail lighting and general lighting applications.

The recessed LED 2×2 troffer produces a pleasing, even light that fills the entire T-grid and the State of the art optics design eliminates hot spots and is virtually unrecognizable as an LED light source. However, the LED 2×2 Troffer still offers all the benefits of LED technology including long life, reduced maintenance costs, energy efficiency, UL listed, environmentally safe construction (no lead or mercury).

2×4 LED Troffer Light

If you’re looking for the best 2×4 LED troffer manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. LITELUME has Architectural Troffers that provide a modern touch to your ceiling’s accent. And, if you’d like to save even more money, we offer multi-packs. All of our troffer lights are UL/ETL damp location listed and come with a 10-year warranty, and you’ll find a variety of lumens and color temperature packages, certain to fit your needs.

View our 2×2 & 2×4 LED Troffer Spec Sheet here!

Uniform Ceiling Lights

The increased, uniformed illumination from lighting in offices is meant to help with improved visibility and productivity. Though troffers are usually recessed lights situated just above the ceiling grid, they are also offered as surface mount ceiling boxes for ceilings without the room for a recessed bay. Mostly used within the industrial settings of interior spaces, recessed bays are the fixtures used to house fluorescent lights where the ceiling is over 20 feet high. Most fluorescent troffers operate with the use of a ballast while LED troffers do not need a ballast. However, both LED and fluorescent troffers use lenses to hold and distribute lighting.

LED Troffer vs Fluorescent Troffer

Although fluorescent troffers are a common source for office lighting, they do pose some issues. Fluorescent lights have a shorter lumen life than LEDs.  For example, fluorescent tubes generally have an average life span of 10,000 hours, whereas the average life span of LED tubes is 50,000 hours. As lumen life decreases, lighting must be replaced, which can become costly over an extended period of time and could interfere with worker productivity due to lack of proper lighting and slower performance. Since LED tubes and troffers are able to maintain a longer lumen life, upwards of 100,000 hours, they will need to be replaced less often, making LEDs a more energy efficient and cost-effective choice for companies.

What’s even more interesting and justifies the upgrade to LED Troffer units is that there are fewer issues with troffers can also help increase productivity in office settings. According to a report by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID): “A growing body of research links the presence of glare, caused by light bouncing off the VDT screen and directly into a user’s eyes, and various productivity-robbing conditions, including severe eye strain, headaches, discomfort and fatigue. These problems impair performance and require the worker to take more frequent breaks away from the screen.” Needless to say, interior LED lighting can have a serious impact on employees’ mental health and overall comfort levels in the office.

While the age of COVID has shifted this theory a bit, the paragraph above refers to some fairly conclusive evidence that using recessed LED troffers can provide a more balanced and comfortable lighting design that does not cause issues for workers and actually helps them to focus on tasks better than fluorescent lighting troffers.

What is the difference between LED Flat Panel VS LED Troffer ?

LED flat panel vs troffer lights are both drop ceiling recessed fixtures, which are commonly used in office hotel With grid ceiling design. They are designed and created to replace the traditional t5 t8 fluorescent troffer light 2×2 2×4 1×4. Therefore, before coming out a replacement solution, you might need to figure out what is the difference between these two kinds of recessed ceiling lighting fixture?

1.) Troffer & Light Panel Profile

LED troffer units are thicker, usually center basket, so they’re usually just installed in deep ceiling. Whereas the LED flat panel installed in shallow celling, because its thickness is just about two or three centimeter (2-3cm).

2.) Lumen Efficacy

The troffer fixture generally has higher lumen efficacy than LED flat panel. A troffer is about over 130lm/w while LED flat panels about 110-130lm/w which is caused by the indirect edge lit LED source, LEDs are only on the edges rather than directly centered.

On the other hand, as LED flat panel is edge lit LED fixtures, light beam is directed through PMMA diffuser, so its evenness is better than LED troffer light.

Thereafter, if you are looking for LED upgrade with more even illumination, you’d better go with LED panel light, If you’re looking for super bright LED, LED troffer fixture might be a better option.

3.) Cost

LED flat panel light fixtures are generally less expensive than LED troffer lights, If you have a tight budget, LED flat panel light is a cheaper option for you, besides, it also offers various mounting installation options like recessed mount, surface mount, suspended hanging mount.

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