LED Vandal Resistant

Vandal Resistant Lighting for High Abuse Areas

Considering the great potential for communication and publicity of outdoor LED screens, it is no wonder that the market keeps growing at great pace. The vandal resistant LED has been developed as a way to improve DIP LEDs by combining the durability of this technology with the small pixel area and high resolution of SMD LEDs, uniting the best of both worlds in a single product.

Vandal resistant LEDs have a cylindrical-shaped capsule that ends in a sphere, similar to those on conventional DIP LEDs. However, the interior is what makes them unique, having three integrated encapsulations instead of the traditional single one.

Each encapsulation contains one of three semiconductor crystals that produce a red, green or blue light respectively.

Much like SMD LEDs, vandal-resistant LEDs can show any of the three colors allowing greater flexibility.

What are Vandal Resistant Fixtures For?

Vandal resistant light fixtures, also referred to as tamper-proof, correctional, or weather-resistant fixtures, are designed and constructed for scenarios where the luminaire needs to withstand impact, tampering, prying, and even severe weather.

Tamper and shatterproof, vandal-resistant lighting has long been utilized in behavioral health centers and correctional institutions. With the availability of more aesthetically pleasing options, vandal resistant fixtures are being installed in schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and many other high occupancy locations.

Aluminum or steel housings accompanied by tamper-proof screws and standard polycarbonate lenses make the LITELUME vandal-resistant line of lighting products ideal for your high-traffic, high-impact areas. Vandal-resistant LED fixtures are available in a variety of options, with some fluorescent luminaires also available.

LITELUME’s vandal resistant light fixtures are energy efficient, add safety and security to any location and come in a variety of sizes and styles.


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