Poles and Brackets

Light Poles & Bullhorn Brackets

Steel Light Pole Applications

Steel light poles provide many advantages versus other styles, the largest advantage comes in their strength. If you are mounting a large number of fixtures or if your project location is in a very windy area then outdoor steel light poles are the right choice. Another major advantage to steel is the lower cost compared to aluminum.

LITELUME manufacturers both round steel light poles and square steel light poles. Our round and square steel poles are fabricated with ASTM A500 Grade B tubing, meets or exceeds minimum yield strength of 46,000 PSI. Shaft is furnished with ground lug inside pole, with opposite hand hole opening. Hand hole is 12” center line from base plate.

These are then finished with textured thermoset polyester powder coat is applied and the oven-baked at a temperature of 400°F. Pole finish is warranted for a full one (1) year. An optional three (3) year extended warranty is also available (external prime coat and internal rust inhibiting coating).

Aluminum Light Pole Applications

The main advantage of aluminum light poles is the advantage of being lightweight, easy to machine and also provide natural rust resistance. These advantages make aluminum a great choice when your project is in wet areas or near water.

LITELUME manufacturers both round aluminum light poles and square aluminum light poles. The shaft is extruded from all new 6063 series alloy aluminum tubing. Shafts shall be supplied with a top closure when the shafts are to be drilled for side mounting of luminaires.

Our aluminum poles are then finished with the same textures as our steel poles, and are covered by the same warranties.

Don’t Forget the Anchor Bolts!

Our steel and aluminum poles also come complete with anchor bolts. Poles are provided with hot-dip galvanized anchor bolts, “J” bend on one end and two flat hex bolts end and two flat washers per bolt. Anchor bolts meet or exceed a minimum of 36,000 PSI.

Bullhorn Brackets

LITELUME’s twin bullhorn pole mounting light bracket is designed to slip fit onto 2-3/8″, 2-7/8” and 4” post tops, knuckles or tenons. Additionally, our 180 Degree double round bull horn light pole bracket tenon fits both 4″ (100mm) and 5″ (127mm) square steel poles.

Finished with TGIC Thermoset polyester powder coat finish is electrostatic-ally applied at a 3.0 mil nominal thickness. A five stage metal pretreatment process and sealer provide maximum corrosion resistance. The powder top coat is baked in excess of 400°F for supreme endurance.

Max weight capacity is 100 lbs per arm (200 lbs total). Available in dark bronze, black, dark grey, natural aluminum, white or galvanized finishes.


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