The LITELUME™ High Bay Linear High Lumen Series (LL-HBLHL) featuring state of the art lighting technology. A robust design utilizing high heat-conducting aviation aluminium and separate heat sink for driver and LED’s isolating the drivers from the light source to reduce light loss and increase power factor for optimal performance. With 4 different sized luminaires, 7 standard wattages and custom availability, the HBLHL is a great solution for High Lumen applications, supermarkets, gymnasiums, factories, stadiums, exhibition halls and general warehouse lighting.

See Spec Sheet

    Ratings & Certifications:

    • UL listed
    • IP54
    • Size: 100W/150W/200W/250W/300W/400W/500W
    • Lumen Output:18,430 – 95,000 lm
    • Lumens Per Watt (typical): 184-190lm/W
    • CCT: 5000K, 4000K
    • Dimensions: See spec sheet

    Fixture Ordering Information

    LL-HBLHL-100-50-UNV-WHBL100190005000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-100-40-UNV-WHBL100184304000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-150-50-UNV-WHBL150285005000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-150-40-UNV-WHBL150276454000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-200-50-UNV-WHBL200380005000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-200-40-UNV-WHBL200368604000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-250-50-UNV-WHBL250475005000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-250-40-UNV-WHBL250460754000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-300-50-UNV-WHBL300570005000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-300-40-UNV-WHBL300552904000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-400-50-UNV-WHBL400760005000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-400-40-UNV-WHBL400737204000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-500-50-UNV-WHBL500950005000120-277White with Blue End Plates
    LL-HBLHL-500-40-UNV-WHBL500921504000120-277White with Blue End Plates