LED Bollard Round Low Lumen 8 Series

The LITELUME™ Bollard Collection (LL–B) features an anti-corrosion, shock resistant heavy duty die-cast aluminum housing for long-lasting durability. Easy installation and maintenance due to our self-oriented top cover design. A wide range of sizes and lumen packages allow for variety of applications. Introducing the Round Low Lumen 8 Series.

Applications: Security, Pathway, Perimeter, Pedestrian and Walkway lighting.

See Spec Sheet See Install Instructions

Ratings & Certifications:

  • ETL Listed for Wet Location
  • Size: 25W/ 35W
  • Lumen Output: 400 to 900 lm
    Lumen Per Watt (typical): 36-40lm/W
  • CCT: 5000K, 4000K, 3000K
  • Dimensions: See Spec Sheet

Fixture Ordering Information

1524LL-BRLDTLL8-25-50-UNV-BZ2510005000K120-277T5 120D
1525LL-BRLDTLL8-25-40-UNV-BZ259504000K120-277T5 120D
1526LL-BRLDTLL8-25-30-UNV-BZ259003000K120-277T5 120D
1527LL-BRLDTLL8-25-50-UNV-BK2510005000K120-277T5 120D
1528LL-BRLDTLL8-25-40-UNV-BK259504000K120-277T5 120D
1529LL-BRLDTLL8-25-30-UNV-BK259003000K120-277T5 120D
1530LL-BRLDTLL8-35-50-UNV-BZ3514005000K120-277T5 120D
1531LL-BRLDTLL8-35-40-UNV-BZ3513304000K120-277T5 120D
1532LL-BRLDTLL8-35-30-UNV-BZ3512603000K120-277T5 120D
1533LL-BRLDTLL8-35-50-UNV-BK3514005000K120-277T5 120D
1534LL-BRLDTLL8-35-40-UNV-BK3513304000K120-277T5 120D
1535LL-BRLDTLL8-35-30-UNV-BK3512603000K120-277T5 120D