The LITELUME™ LED Canopy Heavy Duty (LL-CHD) is a premium-performance luminaire delivering up to 126 lumens per watt. Featuring a sealed IP65 rated heavy duty die-cast housing and shatter-resistant polycarbonate acrylic optical lens with UV stabilizers. Compact in design and symmetry making this luminaire ideal for industrial, commercial, storage, walkways, parking garages, entrance ways, and high illumination canopy applications.

See Spec Sheet

    Ratings & Certifications:

    • UL Wet Location listed
    • IP66 Rated
    • Size: 24W/40W/56W/102W
    • Lumen Output: 3,137 to 12,708lm
    • Lumen Per Watt (typical): 123-126lm
    • CCT: 5000K, 4000K
    • Dimensions: See Spec Sheet
    • Weight: 4.4lb (24W/40W/56W), 7.7lb (102W)

    Fixture Ordering Information

    LL-CHD-24-50-UNV-BZ2431495000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-24-40-UNV-BZ2431374000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-24-50-UNV-WH2431495000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-24-40-UNV-WH2431374000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-40-50-UNV-BZ4050245000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-40-40-UNV-BZ4049434000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-40-50-UNV-WH4050245000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-40-40-UNV-WH4049434000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-56-50-UNV-BZ5670775000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-56-40-UNV-BZ5670024000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-56-50-UNV-WH5670775000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-56-40-UNV-WH5670024000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-102-50-UNV-BZ102125165000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-102-40-UNV-BZ102127084000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-102-50-UNV-WH102125165000120-277Type V
    LL-CHD-102-40-UNV-WH102127084000120-277Type V