The Litelume Wall Mount Linear 12” Hazardous Location ( LL-WML12HL ) Class 1, Division 2 Flood luminaire is available with a clear tempered glass lens. Typical lighting applications include industrial facilities, oil, gas, painting facilities, manufacturing, and auto service facilities.

See Spec Sheet

    Ratings & Certifications:

    • ETL Listed for Hazardous Locations Per UL844 as Follows:Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D; T4 Temperature Rating, -25°C to +50°C Ambient.
    • Suitable for Wet Locations, Sealed LED Compartment
    • Size: 22W/37W
    • Lumen Output: 3,001 to 5,292 lm
    • Lumen Per Watt (typical): 123 to 129 lm/W
    • CCT: 5000K, 4000K
    • Dimensions: See Spec Sheet

    Fixture Ordering Information

    LL-WML12HL-V-22-40-UNV-T3-GY2231724000120-277Type IIIGrey
    LL-WML12HL-V-22-50-UNV-T3-GY2233055000120-277Type IIIGrey
    LL-WML12HL-V-37-40-UNV-T3-GY3750814000120-277Type IIIGrey
    LL-WML12HL-V-37-50-UNV-T3-GY3752925000120-277Type IIIGrey
    LL-WML12HL-H-22-40-UNV-T3-GY2230014000120-277Type IIIGrey
    LL-WML12HL-H-22-50-UNV-T3-GY2231265000120-277Type IIIGrey
    LL-WML12HL-H-37-40-UNV-T2-GY3746844000120-277Type IIGrey
    LL-WML12HL-H-37-50-UNV-T2-GY3748795000120-277Type IIGrey

    Linear Hazard Location Light Fixtures

    LITELUME’s line of easy to install, long-lasting linear lighting fixtures are ideal applications for all commercial hazardous locations in the US. We design every hazardous light fixture with safety and reliability at the forefront so you can operate in harsh and hazardous locations where flammable vapors or combustible dust is present as well as ETL Listed for Hazardous Locations.

    Built to withstand corrosion, extreme vibration, dust, dirt, moisture, wind, snow, water, high ambient temperatures, our Hazardous Location Linear lights are even explosion-proof. Hazardous Location Linears (HLL) are Certified for locations with flammable vapors, combustible dusts, and gases (as outlined by NEC standards). The HLL’s aluminum alloy housing is copper-free and corrosion-resistant, saving you maintenance time and money. With our labor and product warranties, financing options, and guaranteed return policy, LITELUME’s hazardous location lighting fixtures are the way to go.

    What is Explosion-Proof Lighting?

    Hazardous work areas are one of the most demanding environments for the workers and equipment that must operate within them. The tight, confined spaces combined with the presence of volatile materials presents a serious danger of fires and explosions that must be adequately addressed to insure the safety of workers and the public in both the work space and the surrounding area. Thankfully, LITELUME manufactures some of the best hazardous location lights on the market for your commercial project.

    At the basic level, explosion proof lighting is equipment designed to prevent the ignition of flammable or explosive materials, gases, or vapors. Lighting is one of the most commonly encountered electrical devices in any type of workplace and the types of lighting used can range from high power permanent fixtures to a common flashlight used for portable illumination. Every type of light used in a hazardous location must be explosion proof certified regardless of its size or type.



    As one of the best linear hazardous location wall light manufacturers in the United States, LITELUME produces a wide variety of indoor and outdoor light fixtures to accommodate all of your customers’ commercial and residential electrical and lighting project needs. All of our lights come with financing options available. For electricians, contractors and lighting distributors, we provide labor warranties and can help with creating a proposal. Click here for more information about LITELUME.

    LITELUME stands behind the quality of its lighting products by offering a 10-year Limited Warranty for all of our light fixtures, mounts, sensors, and more. We also offer a return policy just in case. We provide a number of Financing Options that are also available. Fill out a submit one of our Credit Applications today!

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