The LITELUME™ Area Light Post Top Luminaire (LL-PTL) combines beauty and performance with it’s fresh urban style. Featuring a die-cast aluminum housing with outstanding corrosion protection. Compact in design low profile dark sky rated with soft light. Suitable for mounting heights of 8-20’ makes this aesthetically pleasing an excellent choice for pathway, walkway, municipality and general lighting applications.

See Spec Sheet See Install Instructions

Ratings & Certifications:

  • UL Listed for Wet Location
  • Size: 45W/70W/87W/130W
    Lumen Output: 5,400 to 15,800 lm
  • Lumen Per Watt (typical): 120-122lm/W
  • CCT: 5000K, 4000K, 3000K
  • Dimensions: See Spec Sheet

Fixture Ordering Information

1671LL-PTL-45-50-UNV-T5-BZ4554505000120-277Type V
1672LL-PTL-45-40-UNV-T5-BZ4554504000120-277Type V
1673LL-PTL-45-30-UNV-T5-BZ4554003000120-277Type V
1674LL-PTL-70-50-UNV-T5-BZ7085005000120-277Type V
1675LL-PTL-70-40-UNV-T5-BZ7085004000120-277Type V
1676LL-PTL-70-30-UNV-T5-BZ7084003000120-277Type V
1677LL-PTL-87-50-UNV-T5-BZ87106005000120-277Type V
1678LL-PTL-87-40-UNV-T5-BZ87106004000120-277Type V
1679LL-PTL-87-30-UNV-T5-BZ87104003000120-277Type V
1680LL-PTL-130-50-UNV-T5-BZ130158005000120-277Type V
1681LL-PTL-130-40-UNV-T5-BZ130158004000120-277Type V
1682LL-PTL-130-30-UNV-T5-BZ130156003000120-277Type V