Pole Shaft:

The shaft is extruded from all new 6063 series alloy aluminum tubing. Shafts shall be supplied with a top closure when the shafts are to be drilled for side mounting of luminaires.

Base Cover:

Die-formed from heavy gauge aluminum. Two piece cover for easy installation.

Pole Cap:

Polymer snap-to-close pole cap provided in black.


Textured thermost polyester powder coat is applied and the oven-baked at a temperature of 400°F. Pole finish is warranted for a full one (1) year. An optional three (3) year extended warranty is also available.

(external prime coat and internal rust inhibiting coating).

Anchor Bolts:

Poles are provided with hot-dip galvanized anchor bolts, “J” bend on one end and two flat hex bolts end and two flat washers per bolt. Anchor bolts meet or exceed a minimum of 36,000 PSI.

See Spec Sheet