Architectural Round Canopy Large

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The Litelume Architectural Round Canopy Large (LL- ARCL) is available in Type III or V distributions with two lens options designed to replace HID lighting systems up to 1000w MH or HPS. Typical area lighting applications include retail centers, industrial parks, schools and universities, public transport and airports, office buildings and medical facilities. Mounting heights of 12 to 30 feet can be used based on light level and uniformity requirements.

See Spec Sheet

    Ratings & Certifications:

    • CSA: Listed for Wet Locations, ANSI/UL 1598, 8750; IP66 Sealed LED Compartment. ADA Compliant. 10 year Warranty. BAA Compliant
    • Size: 100W/176W/276W
    • Lumen Output: 7,661 – 32,477 lm
      Lumens Per Watt (typical): 77-92lm/W
    • CCT: 5000K, 4000K, 3000K
    • Dimensions: See spec sheet

    Fixture Ordering Information

    LL-ARCL-100-40-UNV-T3-BK10076614000120-277Type III
    LL-ARCL-100-50-UNV-T3-BK10079595000120-277Type III
    LL-ARCL-100-40-UNV-T5-BK100106934000120-277Type V
    LL-ARCL-100-50-UNV-T5-BK100108965000120-277Type V
    LL-ARCL-176-40-UNV-T3-BK176129584000120-277Type III
    LL-ARCL-176-50-UNV-T3-BK176134835000120-277Type III
    LL-ARCL-176-30-UNV-T5-BK176178803000120-277Type V
    LL-ARCL-176-40-UNV-T5-BK176188184000120-277Type V
    LL-ARCL-176-50-UNV-T5-BK176191745000120-277Type V
    LL-ARCL-276-40-UNV-T5-BK276312594000120-277Type V
    LL-ARCL-276-50-UNV-T5-BK276324775000120-277Type V