LED Area Light Premium, High Lumen, 75W, 5700K, 120-277V, Specify Distribution ( T2, T3, T5 )

LED Area Light Premium, High Lumen, 75W, 5700K, 120-277V, Specify Distribution ( T2, T3, T5 )

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The LITELUME™ Area Light Premium High Lumen Series (LL-ALPHL) brings the newest style and highest performance. Featuring up to 190 LPW with premium SMD 5050 LED’s and a high Performance Driver. Diecast aluminum light housing with outstanding corrosion protection, and secondary UV resistant polycarbonate optics. Compact in design low profile 3G vibration rated. The ALPHL provides a unique new anti-bird design with pleasing aesthetics. The highly functioning optics provide maximum lumen output and light distribution to make the ALPHL the premier outdoor area light.

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    Ratings & Certifications:

    • UL Wet Location listed
    • IP665 rated
    • Size: 75W/100W/150W/200W/240W/280W
    • Lumen Output: 14,250 – 49,000 lm
    • Lumens Per Watt (typical):175 to 190 lm/W
    • CCT: 5700K, 5000K, 4000K
    • Dimensions: See spec sheet

    Fixture Ordering Information

    LL-ALPHL-75-57-UNV-T(X)75142505700120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-75-50-UNV-T(X)75142505000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-75-40-UNV-T(X)75142504000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-100-57-UNV-T(X)100185005700120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-100-50-UNV-T(X)100185005000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-100-40-UNV-T(X)100185004000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-150-57-UNV-T(X)150262505700120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-150-50-UNV-T(X)150262505000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-150-40-UNV-T(X)150262504000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-200-57-UNV-T(X)200370005700120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-200-50-UNV-T(X)200370005000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-200-40-UNV-T(X)200370004000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-240-57-UNV-T(X)240440005700120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-240-50-UNV-T(X)240440005000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-240-40-UNV-T(X)240440004000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-280-57-UNV-T(X)280490005700120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-280-50-UNV-T(X)280490005000120-277T2, T3, T5
    LL-ALPHL-280-40-UNV-T(X)280490004000120-277T2, T3, T5