LED Post Top Area Light Large, 204W, 5000K, 120-277V, Type 5 Distribution, Bronze

LED Post Top Area Light Large, 204W, 5000K, 120-277V, Type 5 Distribution, Bronze

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The LITELUME™ Post Top Area Light large Luminaire (LL-PTALL) combines style with performance. Featuring a die-cast aluminum housing with outstanding corrosion protection, and secondary UV resistant polycarbonate optics. The PTALL provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to any walkway, park, downtown corridor or parking lot with its steady well-defined construction. The highly functioning optics provide maximum distribution to make the PTALL a premier choice for outdoor area lighting.

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    Ratings & Certifications:

    • ETL Wet Location listed
    • Size:48W/100W/153W/204W/301W
    • Lumen Output:5579 – 37170lm
    • Lumen Per Watt (typical):116.22 – 128.50lm/W
    • CCT: 5000K, 4000K, 3000K
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 15.76″
      • Width: 21.97″
      • Height: 21.97″

    Fixture Ordering Information

    LL-PTALL-45-50-UNV-T5-BZ4858105000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-45-40-UNV-T5-BZ4856934000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-45-30-UNV-T5-BZ4855793000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-95-50-UNV-T5-BZ100128505000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-95-40-UNV-T5-BZ100125934000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-95-30-UNV-T5-BZ100123413000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-145-50-UNV-T5-BZ153194335000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-145-40-UNV-T5-BZ153190444000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-145-30-UNV-T5-BZ153186633000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-195-50-UNV-T5-BZ204258605000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-195-40-UNV-T5-BZ204253424000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-195-30-UNV-T5-BZ204248353000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-295-50-UNV-T5-BZ301371705000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-295-40-UNV-T5-BZ301364264000120-277T5 Yes
    LL-PTALL-295-30-UNV-T5-BZ301356983000120-277T5 Yes